New Beginnings in 2019

We are excited to be moving to a new website platform. It is just the start of the new beginnings which we are looking forward to for 2019.

Our new website has been streamlined so that we only offer Coconut-free products. We want your experience to never be one of guessing if a product is safe for your coconut allergy. Anything that you purchase from Pectolite, LLC is guaranteed to be coconut-free.

We know that we have struggled with being in stock on your favorite soaps. To help alleviate concerns and to better communicate with our clientele, we have an upcoming post regarding the why we keep running out of stock and the how we are fixing the glitch.

We have some very exciting things coming up in 2019. We look forward to sharing this time of growth, change and improvement with you.

More to come! Be sure to stay engaged by liking us @pectolite on Facebook and signing up for blog updates.


Together We Grow!

Here is to 2019 and all that remains to be seen.