Pectolite, LLC is now totally coconut-free. Here is why!

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Like many home based business, Pectolite, LLC was a hobby grown out of control. I had learned the art of soapmaking. From my first batch of soap, I was hooked on cold process soapmaking.

From the very start, there were so many varieties of soap that I wanted to make. The more soap I made, the less room I had in my house. The less room I had in my house, the more nervous my family started to be, To be able to continue my hobby, I needed to find homes for my soaps. The more I shared my soaps, the more people wanted my soaps. They wanted them enough to buy them! Thus a business was began.

It was great to have a hobby that was paying for itself and even benefiting my family to a degree. However, soon, it wasn’t enough. God made us to serve. He gave us gifts and talents to bless the lives of others, and though my talent was humble soapmaking, I asked God how I could use that gift to serve others.

What He revealed to me through the plight of a friend, was that there are those who suffered with allergies to coconut. Through my friend, he opened my eyes to see that coconut was ubiquitous - it was everywhere. Inexpensive and quite utilitarian, coconut ruled the natural world, be it in foods or in products. Though my family does not suffer with an allergy to coconut, God has shown me that those with a coconut allergy are the ones whom I and my family could serve.

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Plain Jane

Coconut oil free soap

With more guidance from God, I batched the first Plain Jane coconut-free bars of soap. A crazy formulation that was a success. I had a good product but no way to reach those in need. More prayer and more guidance lead me to Becky Swegle’s blog, Allergic to Coconut? I reached out to Becky and she was so supportive in sharing the pain points of those who suffer with an allergy to coconut. Once I had refined my soap to better met the needs of coconut allergies, Becky then provided me access to her audience testing and reviewing the soap on her blog. Through Becky, Pectolite, LLC became a go to place for those looking for coconut-free soaps. And we’ve grown ever since.

But, I had my foot in two worlds. And my fence straddling was difficult for my clients with coconut allergies. I tried to label clearly what was coconut-free/palm-oil free (COPO) and what was not. In the end, you just can’t have two masters.

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Coconut oil free lotion

In the 6 years in which we have been online, I have watched faithful clients become like family to Pectolite, LLC. These loyal clients reminded me of the service which I had sought wholeheartedly, but whom I had served only halfheartedly. It has been difficult to make the decision to pare down our product line and to commit to making all our products coconut-free (and in process of becoming nut-free as well). It has meant reformulating, relabeling and simply letting go of products that are beloved. But it also means stepping up to better serve those whose needs God placed before me.

As we grow and evolve to better serve the needs of you who are allergic to coconut, we hope you will partner with us. Share the word, give us a review, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Help us increase our reach and continue to stand beside us as we strive to better serve your coconut-free needs. So, why are we coconut-free? Because God cares about the needs of all His children. I asked to be able to serve another and He showed me you. In preparation for the new year, I commit to Pectolite products being totally coconut-free. You deserve the best that we can offer in every product.