What the smell?!!

Now, first off, please make sure you read the title correctly. I don’t swear! What the smell may seem like a funny title when you review our product line and see that we are trending more toward no fragrance added soaps. Let me tell you why.

I have become a woman of certain age. An age that crossed the threshold of 40. Age is one of those miraculous gifts that gives year after year. Only when you are younger the gifts seem to be more utilitarian than when you are older. The gift I received when I surpassed 40 is the gift of a scent allergy.

I thought maybe this gift of an allergy was God’s way of making me empathetic to the needs of my allergic to coconut customers. And it has made me more acutely aware. With a scent allergy, I have become very sensitive to uncontrolled fragrance environments. It can be triggered by the ubiquitous hand sanitizer, the fragrant liquid soap or the worst culprit of all, perfume.

If I can catch it quickly the result is burning lungs and a headache. If I cannot find quick relief, my symptoms may escalate into trouble breathing, tear filled vision and an excruciating headache. I believe several of you can empathize with this plight. I’ll refrain from sharing the details of working with a sassy scent loving sister who cared nothing for occupational asthma which she induced in me. Back to the plight.

And a plight it was because one of my concerns for each of you is the limited offerings of products available to coconut allergy sufferers. I wanted you to have a selection of enjoyable products from which to choose. I want the coconut-free soaps and coconut-free lotions that we offer here at Pectolite, LLC to be more than utilitarian. For you, I want what we offer to be enjoyable, lavish and fun.

Pectolite, LLC - Rice Bran Oil Soap - Elixir. Beautiful coconut-free clay soap.

Pectolite, LLC - Rice Bran Oil Soap - Elixir. Beautiful coconut-free clay soap.

To that end we are introducing several no added fragrance clay soaps in our RBO Jane line. Clays have many benefits beyond the beautiful colors which they impart to our soaps. Elixir is first to roll of the line. This is a trial size version of this bar. It’s a great opportunity to give it a try at a discounted price. As our blog rolls forward you will learn more about our product offerings and bit more about the ingredients we have selected to provide you with quality and care.

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