Simplicity . . . It's Our Recipe.


Peach Perfection

and the art of simplicity

Peach pie and bath and body products my seem like an incongruous topic, unless I am writing about fragrances. . . which I am not. I have a scent allergy and just the thought of artificial fragrances makes my nose tingle.

So, why am I putting these seemingly disparate items together? Because of simplicity. I posted on our Instagram account about a peach pie I had made. The best peach I had EVER made. The best peach pie I had EVER eaten. And the simplicity of it.

This pie was not from vine ripened peaches at the peak of perfection straight from an orchard tree. Easy home canned peaches filled this pie. It did not contain exotic ingredients. Just the everyday things in our pantry. It took only 30 minutes, simple crust included, to create this pie and get it in the oven. The process was not complicated, it was plain and simple. And for us, it yielded the best results.

Slice of fresh peach pie on a paper plate.

Slice of fresh peach pie on a paper plate.

Often, the hype is the more ingredients, and the more exotic, the better the end result will be. For Pectolite, LLC, we simple do not feel that they is the case. We are minimalist at heart and we think that is what resonates with those that we serve. Simplicity.

When you are struggling with allergies and sensitivities, wading through a list of ingredients trying to discern your potential reaction to them is not only tedious, but in some cases, dangerous. Here at Pectolite, we are committed to simplicity. It is who we are and therefore, it is what Pectolite stands for. Always coconut-free. Always palm-free. Always simplicity.