Why we don't love cardboard packaging for our MagneZinc deodorant.

After nearly 6 months of formulating, testing, revamping and finalizing our powerhouse odor smashing MagneZinc deodorant, it was time for packaging. Having signed a pledge to use less plastic in our products, we at Pectoite, LLC were looking forward to having our first transition be to the new cardboard packaging for deodorant sticks.

We placed the order and excitedly awaited the arrival that we were sure would bring us to the penultimate reformulation experience for MagneZinc. Giddily, I opened the box and pulled out the first tube. A tube that felt way too much like a toilet paper roll. Not the tactile experience I was expecting. Not the initial experience I wanted my client to have.

Cardboard packing and labels for MagneZinc deodorant

Cardboard packing and labels for MagneZinc deodorant

Hand holding MagneZinc deodorant in cardboard packaging

Persevering, I moved forward with filling a tube. Things might be different with a filled tube. The next major hurdle presented itself at this juncture. Cardboard tubes stain easily. Oil based products and cardboard packaging are not the best of friends when it comes to presentation. This was another drawback for us, but we could be careful with our hand pouring of each tube. As well, we were gloves in manufacturing our products, so sweaty hands, yes, they stain the tubes as well, would not be an issue. This still could be viable right?!

Viable until it came time to push the deodorant stick out of the tube. My formulation and these cardboard tubes were simply not compatible. It was extremely difficult to get the deodorant stick to push up in the tube, when it did, it was uneven and allowed oil to come out the bottom. Yes, you guessed it, and stain the tube. So that was it, cardboard tubes, at this time are not a viable option for MagneZinc deodorant. Such a great product which took half a year to create requires better packaging. Our clients who have been devoted supporters since our launch in 2012 deserved a better experience.

We here at Pectolite, LLC look forward to honoring our pledge to reduce our use of plastic, but we also must find balance in keeping our clients satisfied with reliable packaging and product delivery. We look forward to the industry creating better, more reliable, non-plastic packaging options. I believe they will achieve higher packaging standards, but the current quality just does not meet our company standards.