About Our Shop


WHY coconut-free?

When I started this company I asked God for a way to use my business to serve others. He directed me to create products which are coconut-free.

I don’t have an allergy to coconut, no one in my family does. However, God knew that many of your were looking for simple solutions to basic hygienic needs.

We are a small family business. As we have unexpectedly accelerated in growth, we have had some issues with stock. Please know that we are working hard to catch up to a growth as well as get ahead.

We are so blessed to have made friends with those whom we serve. And know that we look forward to making new friends as we continue, with your help and support, to grow our little company and expand offerings.

Thank you for partnering with us.

our mission

Pectolite, LLC is committed to providing the best coconut-free natural products. We recognize that coconut is king and as such, that leaves those with allergies to coconut with very few options for natural bath and body products in this world.

We are committed to being in business for the long-term by meeting the needs, and some of the wants, of our customers.

We are committed to being responsive to and engaged with our clients. We want all who buy from Pectolite, LLC to know that we are committed to providing you the best experience in both service and product.

And most of all, we are committed to honoring our Heavenly Father by being worthy of His trust and stewardship of this business. By following the guidance of our God, we know that we will be worthy of your trust and commitment as well.